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Reasons why

Green and sustainable construction

Increasingly chosen and appreciated for their quality, durability and unique appearance – log houses have become a real alternative to classic construction. They have long been popular in the United States and Scandinavia, and are now also conquering Poland.


Wooden log houses are characterised by their unique appearance and are the best proof of their owners’ ecological thinking. Wood, having the ability to self-regulate humidity, not only regulates the level of moisture inside the house, but also creates a specific microclimate, which has a beneficial effect on health.

Low price

This is one of the most important advantages of log houses. The lower investment cost is due to both a much shorter construction period (the use of wooden connectors and the log construction technology - eliminating technological interruptions), as well as a construction that is lightweight and low-cost to transport.

Log houses
They are built of natural material - solid massive wooden logs.
The logs are made from a tree that grows up to several decades old and has a large number of rings.
Solid log walls retain their natural heat storage and air filtration properties.
The thick logs make you feel the massiveness of this structure and the unique charm.
The lingering smell of wood and the unique microclimate created by large-diameter logs
A wooden log wall is characterised by a long phase shift
A wall made of thick wooden logs is a so-called breathable wall
Short construction time.
Canadian-style houses
They are built from lumber planks of small thickness on a frame base.
Planks have a much smaller cross-section than logs and therefore do not provide adequate thermal insulation.
Typical houses of this type require additional insulation.
They use artificial materials to insulate the overall structure.
Significantly longer construction time associated with the need to build the framework.
Sandwich walls are “airtight” walls, i.e. they are not breathable
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