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We offer comprehensive implementation of solid log buildings throughout Poland and abroad:

We offer different construction options depending on how many walls of the building are to be made of logs. The number of partition walls to be made of logs is agreed individually.

In order to maintain the highest quality of workmanship, we use professional solutions such as double expanding elastic seals between the logs, a sealing strip made of sheep’s wool or the possibility of using woodchink sealing compounds and decorative wood braids between the logs.

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We offer comprehensive realization throughout Poland and abroad of solid log buildings:

We offer comprehensive realization throughout Poland and abroad of solid log buildings:

Log houses are coming into the consciousness of more and more inhabitants of our country, who, having learnt the advantages of wooden constructions, decide to buy them. Well known and appreciated in the United States and Scandinavia, they offer the chance to have a house made of wood, which will not only smell of forest all year round, but will also allow for peaceful, safe and cheap operation. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to build a wooden house that will last for generations to come at a reasonable price.


Wood as a material for building houses has been valued for years. If you opt for a wooden construction, it will repay you with extraordinary durability, quality and a unique, ecological appearance. The log constructions we offer you provide excellent noise protection and natural air conditioning all year round.


Our offer includes both year-round and weekend log houses. The construction process is very short, so that you can become the owner of an attractive structure in the “blink of an eye”.


The completion time for a log house in its shell is usually 2 - 3 weeks.

The finishing work takes about four to six weeks to perform.


In addition to the realisation of machine-turned round log constructions, we also offer the fabrication of hand-hewn log constructions of various diameters.


We perform comprehensive realisations of houses including finishing works. In the case of close proximity to the realisation, we also cooperate with earthworks and foundation companies that can perform the foundation on customer’s request.

Additional options
heating systems various types
fireplace with hot-air distribution system
wooden terrace
gypsum board finishing

A quote for the construction of a log house is always prepared on the basis of a specific construction project. For a quote of the construction of a house, please contact us by phone or email.

In our company, we use wooden logs in various diameters and with different technology:

machine-turned round logs of 24cm, 26cm, 28cm and 30cm in diameter, joined in a rimmed construction on a cut longitudinal joint

machine-turned flat logs in 20cm, 22cm, 24cm size, joined in a rimmed construction on a cut longitudinal joint

glued laminated wooden logs in 24cm size

hand-hewn logs, so-called “in the wild way” in various diameters

Before being transported to the construction site, each log is properly treated and pre-impregnated with special, health-safe products.