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Almost 20 years of experience
More than one hundred completed log houses
Proeko domy z pełnych bali Houses built from solid logs
Build according to an individual project
Build according to an individual project

We provide log houses based on an individual project you can create with designer.

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Buy a ready log house on the beautifull land in Zawoja

Looking for a ready log ready to buy log house?

We offer ready log houses with spectacular views below Babia Góra.


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Wybuduj u siebie dom z bali w cenie stan surowy otwarty od 108 tyś zł brutto ! Stan deweloperski od 270 tyś zł brutto !


Wybrane koncepcje domów z bali wraz z szacunkowymi cenami

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Examples of realizations in Poland and Europe

We are an authorised distributor of log house insulation products.

International Logs Builder Association

Log houses – discover the attractive offer by Domy z Bali PROEKO Jancarz sp. z o.o.

Do you dream of a house of your own that will impress with its unique appearance, while being inexpensive to build and maintain? If so, bet on log houses from ProEko. It is an ideal solution that guarantees high quality of construction, low price compared to other ways of building houses and unique design of the building.


At ProEko, we make our customers’ dreams of their own living space come true. We have many years of experience in putting up weekend log houses and year-round log houses. We can also create a wonderful house for you, which will become your refuge and a place to which you will return with pleasure.


Years of experience and more than 100 REALISED LOG HOUSES in Poland and Europe lie behind us giving the confidence and quality so important for these unique and unusual houses.


Log houses offered by ProEko impress with their high quality of workmanship, fast construction and relatively low cost. Our company employs experienced professionals who put their passion and heart into every building we build, all in order to create exceptional log houses for our customers.

Reasons why

Natural material

The construction of a log house guarantees the use of the highest quality materials, which will ensure the durability and strength of the building for years to come

Temperature and acoustics

By building a house of wood, one can count on lower energy consumption for its heating and very good protection against noise from outside

Phase shift

Log houses also have the great advantage of a very long wall phase shift, meaning the time it takes for the wall to release the heat gained from the sun’s heating during the day into the interior

Reduced energy consumption

In the case of solid log houses, the wall gives off heat in the evening which is very beneficial in terms of reducing heating energy costs

Scent of wood

An additional advantage is the beautiful smell of the forest inside the building at any time of the year. For those who like to live in harmony with nature, this is an incredible advantage

Natural air conditioning

The construction material has the property of self-regulating the level of moisture and also ensures optimal temperature in both summer and winter